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Gyanendra Kumar
I enjoy reading and writing. My favorite genres are Children, Inspiration, Love, Lyrics. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since December 31, 2020.
Gyanendra Kumar
Was that a dream?
a friend from toon world...
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Was that a dream?

It's been said that when some miracle is taking place nobody identifies it, and when it happens there is no need to identify it. And me being a crazy boy I still believe in miracles and I do believe that they really happen and the truth is beyond our imagination. So here I'm going to narrate you a story which took place with me, in the teenage years... I was just returning my home from school in the Saturday afternoon, when I heard some noise from the nearby bushes. I thought of checking it, and went there. When I saw there was something which I never believed that it really exist. And it was my favorite cat robot


who was lying there and was chanting something which after a while he stopped. He was injured and I couldn't expect what would have happened to him. I was just nervous, but along with that feeling sad for his condition, I lifted him up in my hands, he was not that much heavy as they show it on the show. I took him to our house, but before entering our house, a sudden thought Stoke my mind, "what if mom doesn't let him in, because this is something unusual." I decided to keep him secretly in my garage. It was empty as my dad was out for a month and he took the car, and now I was doing my school project on the propellers and motors, so I was sure that mom won't come here as I've advised her not to disturb me with my project. So that was a perfect place for me where I can hide him and know what just happened. I left him in the garage and went inside the house and asked mom for lunch. She served me some sandwiches which two of them I put in my pocket for Doraemon and asked her not to disturb me in the garage as I'm busy with my project. She agreed and I left the house and rushed towards the garage. As I opened the door of garage he was running here and there like anything, I tried to calm him and asked the reason. He said it was the rat and I knew the rest. When he calmed down I went on to ask what just happened and how he ended up here into the real world from that of toons. He abruptly said "Nobita, I need to save him; he is in danger." He continued "we planned a trip to southern islands where we encountered some intergalactic criminals who were digging important minerals from earth and as Nobita and Gian saw him they rushed there to stop him. I was stopping them but it was late. So I also went behind them and as they shooted a ray of light on me, Nobita suddenly jumped and throwed me back and he was traped. And because of some gravity and time anamoly I ended up in this dimension." After listening all this I was shocked and amazed, I couldn't believe that something like this really happened. He after saying all this asked me, "Oh sorry I forgot to ask about you and how I'm here in this garage?" I told him whatever happened and gave him those sandwiches. He ate them but asked me the help to save Nobita. I was thrilled but scared also, I asked him "how we can go back into your world?" He said "I have a gadget to travel in different dimensions, but now this dimension is one of the billion possibilities of the same world like other worlds so I don't have a map where we should travel." By looking at my confused face he said "don't be confused it is just that I don't know the exact location and name of this earth but if u can tell me the name of galaxy I can guess the name." Now I got some clarity and told that this is a milky way galaxy. He took his computer out of his pocket and searched it on that then he got the location and now he asked me to accompany him to that dimension where Nobita and others are in danger. He said "this earth has much gravity as compared to that earth so you will be stronger than others and you are from this galaxy and when you leave this galaxy a copy of you will be formed for sometime due to time lapse and will continue to do all those things which you are going to do. But I can't tell for how much time it will be there. And if on time if we can't get back both you and your copy will be lost in this time lapse. So make it quick, please I need your help." I agreed we both sat on some kind of small machine and with a flash we took off and I can saw just a bright light. I closed my eyes and when I opened my eyes we were in the toons world. And Doraemon took me to the place. We secretly entered the premises and Doraemon tracked where others were. And one funny thing was that I was also looking like a toon in their world. I was thrilled but also afraid of the mission we are going to commit. We reached the place where I can see all of them, Nobita, Gian, Sunio, Suzuka. They were all captured in a cage made up of some impenetrable smooth material. Doraemon somehow switched the cage down and I helped them to escape. Unfortunately the alarm got turned on. We were rushing out and at last we were able to come out but Nobita like always left behind. I went inside again to bring him but the place started collapsing, I threw him out as he was younger than me. The rocks fell on me, but the surprising thing was I didn't got hurt, the rocks were light and I escaped easily. Then we found a shelter and made a plan to defeat them. Doraemon then introduced me to the everyone present there. Nobita thanked me and gave me a small key chain and a gift of thanks and Suzuka also gave me a small doll. Gian and Suneo thanked me and we all discussed all funny things. We know that the criminals were searching for us, but we had a good plan to force them to return. First I went in front to distract them from others and I used the

big light

gadget and now I was more powerful and by the time our team went to the other side and destroyed all their resources with which they were digging our resources. Our team went on to destroy all that and as I was strong I was able to defeat them. And till then, the galactic police arrived there and caught the criminals. We all were praised by the officer for our bravery. And now the time has arrived when I have to leave for my own dimension, and was also worried about my copy as I'm not sure for how long it will be there. So, I baited a good bye to all my friends and Doraemon dropped me at my home, and my copy was still there. Doraemon said immediately I should go and touch that copy from behind to merge otherwise there will be collapse in time and it will create problems. I did as it was advised. I thanked Doraemon and went into home and slept. And I was thinking all whatever I did with those guys and it was Doraemon my favorite hero was with me. I kept the gifts in the drawer which I received from my friends and went to sleep. When I woke up in the morning, when I checked my drawer I couldn't find those gifts. I was confused that did those gifts disappeared because of these time anamolies as when I reached here the copy was made as it belongs to other dimension or was that a dream which I saw last night. Anyway I had a nice dream.

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