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I enjoy reading and writing. My favorite genres are Crime, Drama, Fantasy, Fiction, Historical Fiction, Inspiration, Lyrics, Mythology, Romance, Film Scripts, Thriller, Feminist Lit. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since 20th December 2020.
Was it really you Santa ??
Was it a dream or was it really Santa !!??
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To, Sir Nicholas, Santa's Workshop, North Pole. Dear Santa, I hope that you and all your elf friends at the North Pole are doing well. How is Rudolph and the other eight reindeer's ? I know you must be all geared up for soon it will be Christmas time ! I am also sure that your mailbox must be overflowing with letters from kids from all over the world.. Hope mine doesn't get lost somewhere ! I have tried to be good all year and hope that you and your reindeers will be able to deliver me a nice present. Well since you wanted a story in return of your gift , I'll write down a small story that I once had dreamt about when I was little, Few years back, after my dinner, I sat on my bed, looking at the stocking hanged on my book shelf, worried that I might be on the naughty list this year cause I did hit my brother last month and I yelled at my mom and I didn't even listen to my teacher either ! But I still hoped that I'll be on the nice list. I stare outside my window , looking up at the stars and the moon. I close my eyes letting out a wide yawn and I fell asleep somehow. The next morning, I wake up to see my stocking filled with chocolates and toys. I pick it up and rush downstairs to see my brother and parents sitting around the Christmas tree which had so many presents under it. " MERRY CHRISTMAS " I yelled. "Merry Christmas Sweetie" my dad said. I sat next to my brother to open our gifts and guess what I got for Christmas !!! I got a new beautiful dress along with new books and a painting set !! My brother got a Shirt along with a gaming set. My mum got a set of wine glasses and my dad got a bottle of his favorite drink. Thank you Santa !! After opening our gifts, we had our breakfast and my brother decided to watch a Christmas movie. So I sat on the couch along with him to watch the movie but I soon drift off to sleep. I felt my dad wrap his arms around me and he carried me to my bed. "Thank you Santa" I let out a small whisper before I actually fell asleep. I then heard a warm voice reply " Merry Christmas my child." which didn't really sound like my dad. Next Morning, I woke up and saw the same stocking filled with chocolates but instead of toys there were some pens. I picked it up and rushed downstairs to see my brother and parents sitting around the Christmas tree which had so many presents under it. So what really happened yesterday !!?? Was it a dream or was it really you Santa !!?? Anyway... have a great Christmas Santa. I hope that you receive my letter at the earliest. Lots of wishes and hugs to you and your reindeer. Love, JASMINE FELICITY I BA English Language and literature St. Teresa's College, Ernakulam.

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