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Jyothis Jenson
I write Prose in english. My work is in Children, Epistolary, Fiction genres. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since November 19, 2020.
Jyothis Jenson
When I spoke...
childhood... The best ever days
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I was then 3 years old. Engaged with random things. Playing, laughing and running all over the yard with all my elder ones. Each new word I spoke gave me great enthusiasm. Every small small word and deeds made me happiness.

Children use to start talking with 'amma', 'appa', 'kaakka', etc. And the parents too encourage them to start with small word.

I started talking, and I was albe to speak random words and pronounce various letters... except the letter 'K'. My tongue twisted the letter 'K' to 'Tha'. This made everyone laugh while I pronounce word consisting 'K'. 'Kaakka' tirned to 'thaatha', 'kili' turned to 'thili', and so on. My father, my mother, my sister, grandmother, grandfather, cousins, everyone tried their best to make me say 'k'. But all that was in vain. Everytime I see a crow, I started to tjing why am I not able to say 'k'...!!! And this made my little heart sad.

One day, while everyone was having their lunch, I was standing at the door and looking outside. And that was of a sudden, my tounge twisted from 'tha' to 'K'. I was albe to say 'kaakka'... Wow! I was not able to believe it. I ran to the dining table and shouted 'kaakka'. Everyone became surprised. I was crazy going round and round my home shouting 'ka ka ka'...

Even today, my parents use to say about this and laugh at me... For me it was the pleasure of conquering the world... Every time I see a crow or make kids pronounce 'kaakka', my mind run back to my sweet childhood...

Each memory of childhood is precious. These memories take us to our childhood days and make us a child....


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