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I always write to bring out the realities hidden around me. I love writing and listening to what people wanna share. Writing give me relief and I do continue that even if I'm not the best in it.
With my soul....
You could be there in my eyes
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It feels like, Everything could be better, Looking into your eyes, For the first time, Rver in my life, I saw myself, In the best, Being the best... Wish you could be, The same forever, Sweet words faded, Every dream, Shattered meanwhile, Mind bleeds, Eyes wander around, To see you, Your footsteps, Walking away from me, Hurting in the most, Missed smile- On face and cheeks, Still tell the story, Of the fire, Deep inside my heart. My soul, Keep looking for you, In the dark, Of the same dawn. My eyes, Showed you, The one of my dream, Colourful mind, Kept you safer, A part of my life.... Expected more, And it hurts worst, Every dream, every song, Your memories are, Only the remains. Soul burnsin tears, The soil down there, Could not even, Stand the heat, Of my burning mind. From my shadow, To nothing, It takes time, Too much, Holding me still, To those memories, Of our togetherness. When mind weep, Missing the one, That it really, Looked for, so far, Worst ever feel is- The same forever. Every moment, With you, Still drives me, To the tomorrow. You were my shadow, But is no more, Left me all alone, In our memories, With a bleeding heart, And waiting eyes... If not in this, Beautiful life, Where could we meet, Again and live, Just for we two... Silence took us apart, And it hurts, To the greatest, I still wish, You could someday, Hear the murmer, Of my heart, The very smile, That you brought, On my face, Please don't let it fade again.... The colours that you brought, To my life, Please don't take it, Away from me. I'm afraid,

Maybe -

I won't stand loneliness,


It may take away, My life also......

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