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Bhargavi Mc
Writing has been my favorite past time ever since i was a kid, i may not be good at it, yet I love doing it.... Hope you like my writing... I have a blog in word press.. with the following urllonelyheart2494.wordpress.com and lonelyheartpoems.wordpress.comHope you would love them too... :)
Bhargavi Mc
Women’s Identity!
doesnt come a man
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Celebration was in the air; my home was filled with eternal happiness as it was my daughter’s Engagement day. She was charming enough to be the world’s best bride to be. I know you have heard the proverb “Even is a rat is adorable for his parents.” Yet want to say my daughter was stunning not only for my eye site; everyone out there in the function hall adored her beauty. Why wouldn’t they? Those big eyes which were capable of casting a magical spell just with a glance, the smile which represented her innocence was a thief of hearts, the humble attitude that was born with pulled everyone closer to her. What not to say about her beauty, she was prefect beauty. My Daughter Rukmin was lucky enough to find a match like Gopal who is an MBA grad from University of London, who earns more than enough for their lively hood, on that he belongs to a wealthy family of business men.  That day my husband was sad, as I looked at him I found him present physically but lost mentally, it was hectic for him I knew. Relationship between father and daughter is far greater than the one that exists between mother and her daughters. Father is the first man in every girl’s life and in fathers heart his daughter is his little princess forever. The separation anxiety was excepted, which explains his sadness. He was the man I have loved for 25years, which made me believe it was my responsibility to give him a shoulder to cry on and relive his sadness. But just like always he walked away without understanding my intentions. His behaviour of not showing any love for me in the day light and making love with dark nights make me feel like a slut some times, but it was the truth I had to live with. Don’t feel bad for me I told I love him form 25years but he never loved me. It’s a painful truth to hear yet reality from several women in India. In every family there exits an young champ who can cheer you up and in my family it was my younger daughter Radha. That day too she was there to cheer me up with her wired yet power full science facts, “Mom, it’s common for men to lack ability to show love in open, as evolution as made them to look tough from out for protecting his loved once, yet as he is also an human the emotions similar to ours exits in their heart.” She is a science geek in a family filled with business men. After a tasty lunch, a cup of gossip was must for the women in my family; I sat along gossiping without realising I would turn the topic of gossip for the rest of my life… as I enjoyed the laugher that was served my husband left the place with urgent business requirement. With the setting sun all headed towards their homes, me and my daughters after finishing all the financial closers required in the functional hall headed home. As the day had tired my two little angels they drifted to the dream land even before their usual sleep time arrived. Just like any other good wife I waited for my husband, when the clock hit ten and he didn’t show up I called his cell but it rang inside of my purse where he had left in the morning.   The clock ticked and ticked but there was no trace of my husband. The wired care I had for him had made me go out to the balcony every second with a desire to find my husband walking through the gates. It was getting late enough to be worried. I once again stepped into the balcony and looked down. Except for a drenched street dog that was lying down miserably near the gate, there was not a soul to be seen anywhere. Rain water had puddled under the lamp post. A breeze ruffled the mango tree in the courtyard and a few twigs fell down and broke. Thunder rumbled in the distance. Did I hear a soft knock at the door? I turned back.... My smile had bloomed with a thought of my husband on the other side of the door. But with the doors that opened my emotions

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