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Chaitanya Mukund
Chaitanya Mukund
You find out that your girlfriend broke up with you
My true love
  2 Mins Read

“Tell me the good news first”, I told Alex, my friend excitedly. He paused for a bit, smiling sheepishly and then whispered “I got a girlfriend bro”. “What! Seriously!” , I exclaimed in surprise and shook his hand to congratulate him. Following our old custom of celebrating every small achievement with a pizza, I immediately took his phone and ordered a pizza. He stressed upon telling the bad news but I told him that I’ll listen to it while we wait for the pizza. Before Alex could start with the bad news, he was interrupted by a call and he went out in the balcony. I waited, wondering what could be the bad news but mostly grinning at the fact that my nerdy friend has also got a girlfriend now. Now we both can take our girlfriends out together to the movies and enjoy. After a while, the delivery guy came with our extra cheese pizza and Alex also came back from the balcony. I picked up a slice of pizza and was just about to start eating when I remembered the pending bad news to be heard. I inquired Alex and after a long pause, he said in a very low voice with his eyes towards the ground, “It’s Linda, your girlfriend, or your past girlfriend now, I guess. She told me to tell you that she is breaking up with you”. I didn’t know how to react. For a second, I was about to laugh but looking at my friend’s embarrassed face; I knew that he was telling the truth. “I’m sorry”, he muttered. I stayed silent for a while and then I picked up a slice and took a bite. Alex watched my actions curiously, confused and trying to ascertain how I must be feeling. I picked up my phone then and clicked a picture of the pizza in front of me, typed a short message and hit ‘sent’. I passed my phone to Alex and he smiled as he saw the message that I had sent to Linda. A picture of extra cheesy pizza with the caption, ‘My only true love. Goodbye’.

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