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kavi Ramya
I enjoy reading and writing. My favorite genres are Children, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Fiction, Inspiration, Love, Mythology, Romance, Spiritual, Thriller. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since October 7, 2020.
kavi Ramya
Your fortune teller!
God's miracle!
  4 Mins Read

"Don't worry! You will have a bright future. My fortune telling will never go in vain ...But you have to believe in you and Almighty, the God!" said Fortune teller to a lady who was worried and came in search of him to know about things related to her past, present and future which were pestering her and became hurdles in her life. After he predicted her future, she started feeling better. She walked away from there after paying him the money. "Hey! Come here .. don't be sad and depressed...I will help in seeing your future bright...Never lose hope...It takes a second to change the future. Believe in you and God!" were the words he used to say smilingly to the on-goers who looked dull and tired in their lives. A guy used to see him daily from far and thought that "this man lies a lot and makes money. There is nothing called fortune-telling. I don't believe this non-sense..." One day, the lady whom he blessed came and said that her worries have reduced as per his prediction and thanked him. Seeing her seeking blessings blissfully, the guy approached him hesitatingly and said" Did you guess? or Do you tell the fortune for real?" Fortune teller told," If you believe in me and God, then maybe what I foresee may come true...You have to take a chance to know What a thing is!" He winked at the guy and the guy smiled. The guy wanted to give it a try. "Tell my future to believe you!" said the guy. "Your name is Anand..you don't have happiness in your life which is not matching with your name. You are suffering from the financial crisis...you are unemployed due to which you are stressed and wandering around streets in search of the job" said Fortune teller Kasi. "What can I do to get Job and come out of the financial crisis??" asked Anand eagerly after he said facts concerned about him that made him keen to listen. "Tomorrow you make a fresh start..prepare well for the interview! Best of luck! Always remember to believe in you and God to let miracles happen!! said, Kasi The very next day... "I believed you and God...nothing happened...Why did you waste my time?" said Anand. Kasi smiled and told, " you did not get selected in the interview, right?" "By seeing my anger, anyone can tell this! I don't need you for that" said Anand. "Guruji! you are great...you gave me this talisman...It worked like a wonder...please accept this Guruji..I am life-long grateful to you.." said the lady and went away giving him Dakshina. "So you are giving her this secretly to succeed...What about me? why didn't you give me? I am confident that I will succeed this time wearing the talisman... Give me now" said Anand angrily like a kid who was denied of giving his favourite ice cream "Ok! As you wish...But you need to follow a rule that you will never try to open. If you open then it loses its power. If you promise so, then I am ready to give. come after a week and return it to me...." said Kashi with a pleasant smile. "Ok," said Anand eagerly. After a week... "I got Job..." said Anand. "Then why are you sad?" questioned Kasi... "You lied to me again!! But thank you! I understood the meaning of Self-confidence and motivation because of you and your talisman...I am not sad but became enlightened with the way you taught me a lesson... There was nothing in talisman...you just wrote "Self-confidence is important to succeed" which showed me reality..." I am sorry as I had hurt you with my words..." said Anand


: On the day of the interview: "I wore this. I will clear! That lady cleared her difficult phase then why not me?" said Anand to himself confidently... After he cleared, he came home and felt happy seeing the power of the talisman...He started believing in Him and the talisman. He transformed completely in that week for good. The day before the deadline to return the talisman... "oh no! I have to return it. Let me see at least once what is inside it before I return...What is the power hid in that talisman??" he said and opened the talisman... There was just a line "Self-confidence is important to succeed" on the sheet that was embedded in the brass coating... Anand realised and felt elated that Self-confidence was the thing that was missing till now. He found out the solution to his misery...


: "My dear! At times in this competitive world, when you are in a rat race you and many more like you tend to forget how to be confident about One's Self... Believe in You and God to let miracles happen with you!!" said Kasi without any pride. "My work is done, kid! Be thankful to your parents who supported you and God who is in you..." he added. Anand thanked him and was about to leave. As he forgot to ask "how did he know so much about him then??" He turned again to see but could not find him anywhere... Anand was surprisingly shocked as he thought how can a man walk so far in a couple of seconds...He remembered "Believe in You and God to let miracles happen with you!!" He smiled happily and thanked Almighty and left with relief...So let me take leave on this positive note: "Belief in you and God" ******* The End. Thank you, for reading this...

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